Teen Courses

Virtual International Language Camp

The Irish College of English has been a leading provider of English Language Camps for the last 25 years and is an award winning school. Beyond Fluent is a system that brings these camps and their philosophy and methodology can to students in their own homes. Students have access to our extensive knowledge, materials and most of all our teachers and teenage interaction staff.

One to One Tutorials

Each tutorial is carefully designed and one of our highly qualified teachers will be selected based on the assessment and needs analysis of each student. The teacher will set realistic targets and use the most cutting edge methods and technology available to help students achieve their English language learning goals.

Teen Interaction Sessions

In 2016, the Irish College of English introduced our Irish Teen Interaction Sessions to our acclaimed Junior Camps with great success. Since then they have become an integral part of our programme and we are now giving teenagers from all over the world the opportunity to interact with Irish teens from the comfort of their own home as part of our Virtual International Summer Camps.