meet our Beyond Fluent Team

Susan McElhinney
Course Manager

Susan has taught English all over the world and is an expert in language development. She has designed advanced assessment techniques which allow her to guide students to the most efficient route to achieving their English language potential. Susan is committed to maintaining our high standards.

Jane O’Hagan
Academic Manager

Jane has 15 years of experience teaching English to professionals from some of the largest companies in the world. She is passionate about keeping our teaching team up to speed on the most cutting edge teaching methods and likes to focus on communicative language approach.

Ian McElhinney
Online Coordinator

Ian takes care of all our online services and coordinates the programmes with our teaching team to make sure our students have the best possible online learning experience. Ian communicates with our clients, managers and teachers to ensure a smooth online experience.

Fiona O'Brien
Client Support

Fiona has a background in customer and client services. She is dedicated to the experience of our end user and enjoys interacting with students and working on quality assurance. Fiona is always available and happy to get feedback from clients as to how we are doing.

Simon Crinigan
Exam Certification Coordinator

Simon is a Cambridge examiner and had his own school in Spain teaching Business English in a foreign setting so he understands exactly how to develop critical business management techniques and core competencies designed to make you thrive in your working environment.

Pamela Wildman
Head Coach

Pamela’s specialization is in Business Language Development and she brings her strong coaching background into any class she is tutoring. She can quickly identify the individual needs of each student and help them around the obstacles they have built for themselves.

Simon Muldoon
Senior Language Coach

Simon demonstrates an expert knowledge in teaching professional language skills in a range of different areas including strategy, marketing and management. Simon specialises in teaching multi-media lessons to really bring that business creativity to the forefront

Maria Carr
Irish Teenage Coordinator

Maria has been with us for 3 years and was part of the inception of our Interactive Teen Programme. She joined us as a junior leader and has become our top Teen co-ordinator. Maria can get students of all levels talking and engaging with each other in planned activities.

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Feel free to contact us at any time and ask any questions. We are always open for any suggestions and collaborations.