Our Story

Beyond Fluent was developed by the Team at the Irish College of English. This award winning school in Dublin, Ireland has been leading the way in Adult and Company In House Programmes and  Junior Programmes and Camps for over 25 years. In 2019, it won Best English Language School in Ireland as voted by students in the Education Stars and was the first Irish School to be nominated for the Junior Under 18’s Category in the Study Travel Awards.

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Adults & Businesses

The idea for Beyond Fluent came from our experience of providing English Classes in companies and recognising a need to adapt traditional thinking and change to meet the needs of a new generation of clients. We also had been working with juniors for over 25 years running camps and school programmes through the Irish College of English. In 2019, the school won Best English Language School in Ireland as voted by students in the Education Stars and was the first Irish School to be nominated for the Junior Under 18’s Category in the Study Travel Awards.

We found that a lot of our clients could speak English well and were highly educated but they weren’t happy or confident in their English communication ability. They wanted to speak like a native speaker, understand everything at a meeting, make a presentation that judged on its content and not on their level of English. We wanted a product that would specifically cater for these individuals and help them excel. Companies were also recognising the need to incentivise staff and help them grow by giving them access to high level coaching that would look at their individual needs and help them perfect their English language skills.

Kids & Teens

In 2016, the Irish College of English invented a new kind of learning – Teen Interaction Programme. They recognised that International Teenagers wanted to interact with Irish Teenagers and that the benefits could be enormous but the challenge was how to achieve this and make it an effective learning tool within the camp structure. Irish Teenagers were trained by the school to go into classes and offer professional enthusiastic interactions with their students and the response was amazing. The International Teenagers looked forward to the Irish Teenagers coming into their classes and everyone was talking and interacting, fluency training was happening naturally and this is where it began. Since 2016, the Irish College of English has been developing this programme and it now plays a central role in all of its Junior Camps.

In 2019, Beyond Fluent was formed. Beyond Fluent recognised a changing environment for both adults and children, where English Language fluency and the ability of being able to speak like a native English speaker was becoming the benchmark. Beyond Fluent works with individuals and international companies to help people achieve their full potential without language barriers. Beyond Fluent Kids © and Beyond Fluent Teens © followed on from this with the challenge of shaping how younger learners develop their English Language Skills and achieve long term fluency. We combined our knowledge gained from the Irish College of English’s work with thousands of young learners through their International Camps and the success of the Teen Interaction Programme to create our new system within Beyond Fluent.

We hope students will find our system engaging , unique and above all that it will help them learn to love the language by living it and hence building fluency.

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Flexible Locations

Our Mission

We are committed to working with adults, companies and children to help them attain their English Language fluency goals. We believe that each individual needs a path to fluency that is specifically designed for them.

Fluency Focus

We focus on high level learners wanted to become fluent with our unique, innovative coaching system

Flexible Locations

We offer inhouse and online training for individuals and groups, which we adapt as working circumstances change.

Clear Objectives

Our objective is to make a difference in how people communicate and remove any language barriers to achieving goals.

Local Teachers

All our coaches are native speakers living in Ireland which ensures even that you have accurate relevant language coaching.