5 Business Idioms you need to know

5 Business Idioms you need to know

Like all idioms, Business English idioms just don’t make any sense. So, in order to survive and thrive in business meetings you will have to be familiar with these five common business idioms.

Back to the drawing board : This commonly used phrase means to have start something again because it failed or isn’t performing as well as expected. Example: The prototype for the new car isn’t meeting the required efficiency levels, better get back to the drawing board.

Think outside the box: This one means to come up with creative ideas that are unconventional and approach a problem from new perspectives. Example: SpaceX had to think outside the box in order to radically reduce the cost of space flight. Their solution was reusable rockets.

The bottom line: The bottom line literally means the net profit or loss of a company and more broadly speaking the most fundamental consideration in a given situation. Example 1: The new tax rates are going to have a positive affect on our bottom line. Example 2: We need to hire more staff in order to meet demand and that’s the bottom line.

Corner the market: A company has cornered the market when it owns enough quantity of a product or service to control the market. Example: Netflix has cornered the market in online streaming.

From the ground up: From the ground up means building a company from scratch, starting from the very beginning. Example: Bill gates built Microsoft from the ground up.

Get down to business: Get down to business means to start talking about the matter at hand, to start a meeting. Example: ‘’I see that everyone is here so let’s get down to business’’

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